FAQ & Support


Do I need to register an account to buy models?
Yes. A free account registration is required in order to purchase and download 3d models from Top3df.com. Sign-up now>>

What are the benefits of joining VIP member?
Join our VIP member, you can free download everything on our website. Join VIP now>>
There are 3 VIP types for you to choose:
Siver VIP : Have the right to free download all itmes of our website for 90 days.
Gold VIP : Have the right to free download all itmes of our website for 180 days.
Diamond VIP : Have the right to free download all itmes of our website for 366 days.

What is Tcoin? How can I purchase 3D model on Top3df?
Tcoin is a coin only used on Top3df.com, 1 USD = 1 Tcoin.
To download priced items on top3df.com, you must recharge Tcoins first. It will deduct the corresponding Tcoins when you download a priced item. 
Recharge Tcions now>>

Can I purchase VIP member using Tcions I have recharged?
No. Please directly choose a VIP type and pay to join.  
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Do my prepay money expire?
No. Your prepay money is active for an unlimited time. 

How can I download again a 3d model that I have downloaded before?
You can download at no additional charge any previously downloaded models directly by clicking on the Download button.
Is Top3df free to join?
Yes, it is free to join and create your personal account at www.top3df.com. Sign-up now >>

The 3d software I use does not support any of the file formats you offer. What should I do?
Most of our 3D models are .max format, model conversion service is not available for the time being.  
What are my payment options?
You can make a payment using the PayPal payment option. 

Where is the record of all my orders and downloads?
We record each purchase and downloads you make. Simply log into your account, then click on your avatar in the upper right corner of homepage, and choose PREPAY & VIP and PAID DOWNLOAD sections for more details.